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Customer Feedback

Blink always provide top quality work with minute attention to detail, delivered at the agreed time to the agreed price. What more could you want?
Dominic Farmer
Managing Director, Interactive Educational Systems
I was delighted with the quality of the work produced and the ease of working with Blink. I will certainly be coming back for our next textbooks!
Dr Jonathan Ray
Managing Director, Scion Publishing Limited
In the blink of an eye, Blink can transform a manuscript, a sketch, or a storyboard for an animation into a work of art. They designed most of our leading textbooks, Molecular Biology of the Cell, Essential Cell Biology, Immunobiology, and Biology of Cancer. Each one has a distinctive and beautiful style.
Denise Schanck 
Vice President, Garland Science
For a couple of our pharmacology journals Blink produced some highly complex posters illustrating cellular pathways. These were visually striking, produced quickly, and we hardly had to touch the files they sent back.
Philip Patenall
Elsevier, London
Working with Matthew McClements at Blink made the process of developing both the illustrations and the animations for the Immunobiology textbook not only painless but frequently a pleasure. Matthew has a very quick grasp of the essentials of each figure and a sense of visual proportion that enabled him to turn very crude, sometimes literally back-of-the-envelope sketches into clear and informative illustrations. If the process seems effortless, it's a tribute to his skill.
Paul Travers
Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine


The majority of our clients are publishers of scientific, technical & medical (STM) materials, although many of these companies publish in other sectors as well.

In addition to a broad mix of businesses, we have worked for many of the specialist science publishers based in the UK, USA and elsewhere. As well as the small scale specialist publishers we have worked with some of the large corporations such as Elsevier and the Taylor & Francis Group.

We have been commissioned by the largest charitable organization funding science, the Wellcome Trust and the publishing bodies of Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Our designs have been seen on websites produced by the Lancet and Nature, amongst many others, and we have produced work for King's College London and pharmaceutical giants GlaxoSmithKline.

We have worked for businesses from fields as diverse as locksmiths, yoga teachers and overseas property developers.

We have successfully collaborated with other design agencies in producing websites and print and are happy to help other agencies fulfil their clients objectives.

flash design portfolio

Flash Portfolio

our original flash portfolio was featured in the book
1000 favorite websites’ published by Taschen
“serving as a vital reference for web enthusiasts, this book is also a place marker in the history of the internet and a vibrant catalog of cutting-edge design”

Immunology Animations

these animations originally won ‘macromedia site of the day’ now in their 3rd edition they're even better
“Macromedia recognizes Web sites based on their strong visual designs, superior functionalities, and innovative uses of Macromedia products”
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