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The first edition of these immunoanimations were developed to accompany the textbook "Immunobiology". We hosted the animations as part of our portfolio and they proved to be very popular, winning much praise over the years. Now in their third edition the renamed immunobiology interactive is better than ever with more content and audio voiceovers.

You can view a watermarked version of the latest edition here, the full version is available on CD-ROM with the purchase of the latest edition of the textbook, "Immunobiology", published by Garland Science.

*Please use the Amazon links above right to buy the textbook and get the complete animation viewer on CD-ROM, plus all of the animations in Flash .SWF and QuickTime .MOV formats for use in your studies or presentations.

A WONDERFUL piece of Flash animation programming is available at Immunoanimations, produced by design company, Blink.

Laid out in a bright, bold interface, several short films show the workings of the body's immune system as it fights disease. The site's appeal lies in making a difficult subject more understandable, and its simple, colourful style has recently caught the eye of web design trend- setters, earning it plenty of plaudits.

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our original flash portfolio was featured in the book
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