system requirements

We hope that your viewing of our website is a pleasurable and easy experience and it's content is of interest. You'll need a reasonable up-to-date web browser. There are no other strict system requirements but the site will work best if some basic conditions are met.


Javascript is used heavily on the site so needs to be turned on in your Browser preferences to get the best experience, although navigation and gallery pages will still work without Javascript just not as elegantly as intended


The Flash plug-in is not necessary for the site as a whole to function, however the website banners require the plug-in to be viewd and as much of our work is using Flash some of the samples of our work will not be viewable without the plug-in which is preinstalled in the majority of systems.


The site is designed to be viewed with recent browsers, we have tested it on those browsers and platforms that reflect over 98% of web users, which at the time of writing are:
PC: Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 6 & 7
MAC: Firefox 2, Safari 2 & 3


A very high resolution display is not necessary, the site can be viewed at 800 x 600, but higher resolutions are preferable to reduce scrolling.

We hope to be shortly developing a version of the site for the lower-resolution screens of hand-held devices including the Apple iPhone.

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